Every teleconference is a blast and this time around Warren insisted I capture the beauty of our very last one. It starts with one (or two or three...) cups of coffee. We ponder what we are going to ask the Master Chef and then we dial away. So far I've been able to obtain important information regarding sea turtles, our big inventory of butter, and the recent New Zealand earthquake. Teleconference!



Teleconference! And checkers.

After a wonderful day in paradise Debzilla and I headed out to the berms to get some breaded scallops and cheese. Along the way we passed a dozer dozing snow.

When we got there we had to shovel away some of the drift.

Then Debzilla jumped in and dug away for the goodies.

Found it.

Then we put the boxes on our sleds and hauled it back a 1/4 mile to the station.