Huevos del Sol

When I was on breakfast one dude always asked for runny sunny side up eggs... eventually I just called the order 'huevos del sol'. Eggs of the Sun. Today we used up our last batch of eggs. Even though fresh eggs, pumpkin, potatoes, onions, apples, plums and oranges are no longer in stock the rising sun reminds us that we only have a month and a half left... not that I'm counting the days or anything like that ;)

This morning at 6 AM I saw the orange glare in the DA window again. This time I went outside to see the sights.

It was a long and treacherous hike up the dunes.

Strastruga forms on the dunes... an unique snow formation commonly found around Pole.

I journed to the tent.

I think the tent is shrinking.

The Land of the Ice is made up of a frozen sea of strastruga.

Enough fun and games, time to get to work.

Here is the second to last pair of eggs.