Twilight + Full Moon

I'm sorry if I have been going on and on about twilight, but every time the clouds dissipate and the sky glows I get excited. Sure, I really enjoyed the blackest black night on Earth with trillions of stars and galaxies and auroras, but enough is enough, time for some sunshine! The moon is pretty close to full and that coupled with twilight means we can actually see outside. I went out for 2 hours to help pull frozen food from the berms and we didn't need a head lamp.

We walked through fields of cargo and machinery. Each box and machine was coated with layers of snow, giving it a very old, wasted-away aura as if this place had suddenly been hit by an ice age several months ago.

The summer camp buildings reminded me of WW11 bunkers. As you can see below, the moon is our temporary sun.

Here's a shot of all the cargo berms in the distance.

Here's Debz digging through one box for some frozen chicken egg rolls for my lunch tomorrow. This dudet rocks, thanks Debz. Consider the berms the frozen food section. There are items out there that have been inaccesible all winter due to darkness and bad weather, but now we can get those egg rolls with no problem.

Here I am pulling the food on a sled back to the station.

This is the doorway into the LO where we record our materials inventory. That snow drift keeps getting bigger and bigger.

After I scored the egg rolls I ran back outside to chill in the tent. A bone-chilling thought came over while I was admiring the moon from inside... I'm in a teepee at the most southern spot on the globe, my face being whipped by 10 knot winds and -90 F temps. with the windchill, my eyes being blinded by full moon light and to the corner of my eye is the morning yawn of twilight, my hands and feet really toasty and my eye lashes sticking together, frozen, each time I blinked. All my thoughts coalesced into one deep and foggy sigh of bliss; now I know, this is what I came here for.