Setting up The Scott Tent at -60 F

Twas a relaxing and warm Sunday evening and the four of us headed out to the Pole marker to set up a tent, which has been a tradition over the last couple winters. Below is our goods... a few sleeping bags and pads and clothing. The Scott Tent was already next to the Pole marker from the day before. Scott Tent's are used throughout this icy continent and were first used in 1911 by Scott's team, the first team to find the South Pole. The only difference is they had dogs.

Here we are making deadman knots and anchoring the bambo shafts into the snow. Yes, it's still really dark out there.

After 10 min. of shoveling snow I was sweating, so I went inside to cool down a bit..


What a fun project that was. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to spend a night out there; at the geographic South Pole.