Preparation for Morning

Note to Polies: next Thursday at 3 PM the full moon will set opposite to the twilight haze. If lucky, it will be clear skies and we will be in for a moonset show.
In the past, twilight has been accompanied by storms and unclear skies. That was true until a few days ago when the clouds broke. I then got my first real glimpse of twilight..
With a month left until the sun rises above the horizon we are starting to prepare for the transition to summer. That means plowing runways and access fields, making lots of cookies and bread for the summer cooks, and unpacking everything that we packed up (aka winterized) 6 months ago.

Lots of us are striving to trim down a bit and get the summer body. Push it to the limits at South Pole. As shown in the last post, I volunteered to be the guinea pig on the tredmill for the practice stress test. Before taking my shirt off I should have warned people that they may be blinded by how pasty I am...

I can't count how many things were attached or strapped to me. I just ran.

And like always my EKG readings are abnormal. I've had many docs say this is normal for a kid my age that runs a lot. But, the way I see it... I'm abnormal, period.

Before work I chill in the quiet reading room and map out my destiny, both through learning and planning. I'm still practicing chinese lessons every morning(wo yao qu hai bian wan - i wanna go to the beach) and have starting reading a bit on nature spirituality. I'm also planning flights, agendas, menus, vacations and future jobs. What else am I going to do?

Cook, duh.

Pork chops.

Chicken parm.

BBQ chicken.

With the infamous seseame seed knots. Tomorrow is my last day on din din and we're having steak and scallops.