The Good Morning Supper

Over the months we've grown together as a family and now with the sun rising light shines upon the changes we've undertaken.

A winter at South Pole can change a person, I don't know how to really explain it, but to sum it up... it strengthens a person. For the entire 6 months of our isolation we've faced emotional, physical and mental challenges. All of which we have conquered so far; this be the essence of human evolution.

In just a couple weeks we will lose site of the auroras and now I realize how much I've taken them for granted. Usually I go outside and see a big green dancing cloud, no big deal. Once they're gone I think I'm going to miss them. But, to see sunsets and sunrises will supplement those eerie night clouds.

Tomorrow the full moon sets. I have my fingers crossed so that it remains clear.

Our home is frozen.

Yet inside we keep a fire. Beginning with fresh breads...

And perhaps ending with the most unholy burger bar on this continent.

For instance, here is JT3's super-de-duper chili and bacon dog.

Out of all the photos I've seen this season, this one explains the 2010 winter at South Pole. The characters, the props, the simple green, our blankets, Shelby's water bottle, parmesan cheese... it all makes sense and only the Polies that have lived this journey understand what I mean. This ain't no 'the last supper', this is a new beginning... this is... a good morning supper.

Group photos by: JT3 & Debzilla