Still Cooking...

Between all the movies and fame I'm still doin my thang in the kitchen. On weekends now I host several guitar classes. I've told the class members to pick their favourite song and by the end of the year we will learn that song. We sing good vibes to the plants...

And good vibes are what they bring. Here's a trashbag full of Kale.

Yummy cheesecake.

Sweet honey-wheat rolls.

Mellow yellow dill and sesame seed knots.

Cooking off the tofu tenders.

Green beans and FRESH potatoes.

Crab packed empanadas with mozo cheese.

Shephard's Pie.

Eggplant parmiagina.

Honey and tarragon roasted tempeh slivers.

Tofu tenders... taste just like the chicken nuggets you'd find at McDonald's.

Chef Fran's Kansas BBQ ribs. Kids from Kansas know their ribs.