Dinner and Diving

First day back on dinner and the special ingredients of the day were kale and mizuna. For the salad I tossed mizuna with sundried tomatoes, olives, fete and blue cheese... dressed it with a rasberry vinaigrette.

I lightly steamed the Kale and tossed it with currants and pine nuts.

On the flattop... bolognese made with hot italian sausage and a marinara tweaked with black olives and carmelized onion.

Shrimp and clam fetuccini alfredo.

Here's the rundown... meatballs, spaghetti, bolognese, marinara...

shrimp and clam fetuccini alfredo, white clam sauce, kale and corn soup, steamed kale with nuts and berries.

Can't forget the garlic bread.

Dessert was a light sweet yam, coconut and raisin medley.

As for what I ate for din din... which ain't for the stomachless... a 10 oz. steak, good fresh walnut and craberry bread w/ cheese sandwich, and a giant peanut putter and chocolate cookie. I also worked out for three hours...

When I awoke this morning with a happy belly I came across this in the hallway. Haha.

Later I ventured to the kitchen where community volunteers were preparing a dinner for the diving lecture. Chicken getting breaded...

Tofu getting breaded.

I observed and took a few photos.

It was pretty crazy in there so I headed to the dishpit to bang out some nastiness.

When finished I headed back into the kitchen. 25 minutes left before service. Marinara being seasoned just right..


The E-squared Dressing.

Truffles being made.

Quality control.

15 minutes til service, chicken frying time.

Cooking noodles right at 11,000 feet with really low humidity is a science.

With all the parts set in place we put together our plates.

Half the station showed up for the 2 hour diving seminar which covered unique dive spots from around the world. Dinner and diving. I did my brisk presentation on my first dive experience in Belize. Click here to see underwater Belize.