Another Last Run with Breakfast

I love breakfast. To be honest I had never done much of breakfast cooking before I came to South Pole. At McMurdo I was the dinner veg. entree(s) dude both summers and all the gigs I've run in the wild I primarily keep to simple breakfasts, hearty lunches and irresistable dinners and desserts. We do our best to make every meal banging here, take for instance the pig we roasted for the 4th of July... look what's left...

If you're like me, the first thing you'll pay honour to in the morning are the rice crispy treats. A rice crispy treat really gets the day going... can it be considered a cereal bar?
If you are trying to watch what you eat, then head for the delish baggle platter. The bagels are rich and contain very basic carbs and little sugar.

Aside to the bagels I normally offer smoked salmon, cream cheese and a homemade berry jam.

If you work outside then you need those calories... go for the pan seared sausage links.

Eat that crispy bacon.

Nibble on some buttery scrambled eggs.

Induldge yourself with homemade corned beef and hash.

Biscuits and sausage gravy, sausage, bacon, grits and tator tots. Heck yeah.

Top it off with a cinnabun.

Yeah, breakfast has been tasty and fun. I've nearly perfected the bagel recipe. Shiny and a tad crispy on the outside, warm and moist and soft on the inside.. mmm.

This morning I learned about the jelling point by playing around with blackberries. Note to self... blackberries have lots of seeds, not so good for jams unless you like it crunchy. I didn't mind it, it's the South Pole man... when's the last time you've eaten seeds?

Also, with a new batch of granola made I went ahead and tried to engineer granola bars. They came out alright I'll just be sure to cut them when they are still warm, otherwise they fall apart easy.

48 hours til Dinner shift, 6 weeks until twilight arrives, 3 months til the sun rises, 5 months til paradise :)