4th of July Piggy Roast

It hit -100 deg F earlier, but that didn't stop us from roasting a pig outside. At 6 AM I had the urge to make red, white and blue rice crispy treats and while making them Chef Fran walked in and got the pig ready.

Man... it's really cold outside.
Around noon the fire got lit in the BBQ. It struck me that this was the first fire I've seen in more than 8 months. Weird. It felt so good and right now my clothes reek of charcoal, I'm refusing to wash them.

Chef brought out the pig that was previously slowly roasted and basted with a sweet teriyaki/anise sauce for many hours.

It was plopped on the fire then the lid was shut.

After it was cooked they took the piggy to the kitchen.

Aww, look at how cute that piggy is.

Chef cut it and I tore the meat of the bones. We talked a lot about how if you respect the pig, it will respect you. That goes with any whole animal. Gotta respect it, be thankful for it... otherwise them nature spirits may take those gifts away. Look at Aluutik and Eskimo hunting magic... look at my tattoos... For us to be able to roast a whole pig with a fresh apple in it's mouth... 4 months into the darkest winter on Earth... at -100 degrees... is a Chef's dream. We are very gracious.
After the burgers, hot dogs, brats and veg burgers were grilled and the pork pulled... it was time to serve the 4th of July meal.

Once we got the food on the line I went back to the office to DJ and played some good old American rock n' roll classics for the crowd. Michael Jackson... The Doors... Lynard... Deep Purple... Hendrix... only the best of the best.

Let's eat.