Marshmellows at 11,000 Feet

What's for breakfast? Thawed blueberries, strawberries, and mango ontop a bit of yogurt and nice size helping of homemade granola. We ain't got freshies, but we got freshies frozen on the porch at -90 F and that's just as good.

Do you have leftover bacon and sausage? Don't throw away... reuse and turn into a breakfast Hot Pocket, which is a pastry loaded with cheese, egg, and meats.

This tasty treat is a rich and thick crepe rolled up over a homemade strawberry jam.

P-nut butter cookies.

Chocolate doughnuts double-dipped in a chocolate glaze.

Marshmellows at high-altitude isn't that hard. All you need is powdered sugar, plain gelatin, water, sugar, and a bit of vanilla extract. Things boil at a lower temperature here so the syrup (sugar + water) that you see below will hit the 245 F in about 8 minutes. Once the small bubble syrup hits that golden number pull it off the heat and add it to a mixing bowl containing water and gelatin.

Mix for about 10 minutes.

Until it get's stiff and creamy.

Pour onto a baking sheet that's dusted with lots of powerdered sugar, even it out, then sugar again. Let stand for a couple days. Come Friday, at our Mid-Winter Dinner, we will cut the marshmellow sheet until little cubes and dip in chocolate. Maybe add a hint of fresh mint to it.

Group photo time.

It was only -91 F outside, little wind. Within a few minutes a giant cloud of steam formed around us. It was an aura of our heat and I found it kinda majestic.