You Are What You Eat

Chocolate cookies ground up, white chocolate chips, caramel, cappuccino flavoured cream cheese, butter, and phillo dough...

Baked and topped with cinnamon and powder sugar. Delish.

Rizzle and his zucchini bread. I've eaten at least half the batch. I'm what you call a breadoholic.

Mexicano day.

Fresh basil from the greenhouse. Anything fresh tastes amazing.

A little bit of station upkeep.

Sloppy Joe and Sloppy Jane (TVP) day. Aside to bacon baked beans and plain veg baked beans.

Trauma team 4 - Wed. review ERT training.

Pad thai.

Poppy seed loaf.

Khao niaow ma muang.

Thai tempeh cakes.

Then I get to practice drawling blood for the advanced trauma team on Thursday.

My victim was rather elated with Sarah, the penguin, by his side.

Dora the Explorer bandaids... a luxury at Pole.

Job well done.

Next, I get to be the victim... oh geeze.

I made it.

Next, we examined our blood with several machines to look at glucose levels, iron, blood count, etc.

My receipt says I'm doing just fine. My blood count readings are off-the-chart meaning that when I return from high altitude I'll be able to rock any marathon I decide to partake in.

The paper says that I'm currently healthier than I was before I came to Pole.