Siete de Mayo

It's not that you dream or seek of being a rock star, it's the simple fact that you are One.

Dark. The twilight transition is over, no more light from the sun for at least 3 months. The moon is up two weeks and down two weeks. Right now it rises full, and come the end of winter it will rise new and set full. The South Pole night sky takes your breath away. I find myself in a daze starring at galaxies, shooting stars, nebula, the Milky Way, satellites and constant auroras... then realize it's kinda cold out there and go back in thinking... did I really just witness all that beauty? It's a miracle to be able to look at the awe of the cosmos.

Fixin the grill.

Shrimp fajita goods.

Arroz y frijoles.

Whole wheat bread. For less than a dollar I can make about 6 loaves, which taste a whole of a lot better than store bought bread.
Gringo sopapillas.
La fiesta segunda.
The bar tenders.