IV Sticking

After a long day of work in the kitchen and doing a practice ERT drill I went to medical to be poked by Chef R.S. the III, again. This time we're practicing how to operate IVs, and that of course means poking a vein.. or two.. or three. Start with the veins near the wrist and work your way up. It's important that advanced trauma practices this because if the two medical ladies get hurt, they need backup. That's where I come in. IV training by E...

Then it was my turn to poke Chico. It was a bloody success. I properly inserted a butterfly and .22 guage IV in two fat veins.

Then it was his turn. He did good with the blood draw, so I assumed he knew the art. We started with the butterly, the smallest needle of all, about an inch long, poked it in a vein ontop my hand. For the first few seconds it went in smooth, then he went deep... snap, crackle, pop... thanks Chico you just went through my vein. Blood began to leak out of the vein into my nearby tissue, creating a giant blue ball beneath the skin. I sat their patiently, turning pale, laughing within, saying he could keep trying. So, for another minute I watched as he poked the needle around looking for that vein. No luck. Looking at my hand now the blue puff ball has receeded big time, there might not even be a bruise tomorrow. The lesson of the story is... you don't know until you try, and when you fail.. try, try again. Just not on my arm ;)