Happiness is really simple... food, water, shelter and family/love. If you hit all of those physical necessities then Maslow would say you're on your way to self-actualization. Down here happiness really does rely on food and water. Shelter we have, and 'love'... well, considering the fact that it's 80% dudes, and we all get along great and all... but if you're cathing my drift, join the South Pole monkhood, which consists of abstitence for the 9 cold, dark months... eat, drink, be happy, life is just fine. I know my family is doing just fine back home and I'm glad for that. Since it's rather lonely for most folks, when the food doesn't taste good... well, people get upset and the mojo of the station goes down. Step 1 to self-actualization: provide good food. Especially when in remote, isolate environments. Just thought I'd throw that out.

Banana pudding... Chef Chico says I'm totally midwestern for throwing nilla cookies into the mix.

Here is Rizzle making some espresso accompaniments.

Fricken bombastic they were.

Meeting about water/energy conservation. Next Sunday I give a presenation on the big-picture of Antarctic conservation programs and what we can do to help protect this icy wildness.

Until then, and for the most part of this month, when I'm out of the kitchen and ain't working out I will be tweaking designs for the 2011 South Pole marker. Keep you fingers crossed. It's a pretty competitive contest. After all... it will be the 100 year anniversary of when South Pole was first found by human explorers.