Food is an Art

I walked into work a couple days ago and Rizzle was makin some tasty treats... smoked salmon, cucumber, creamy basil sauce, etc.

Here's my Mexican Divorce Cakes.

Fresh biscuits for breakfast.
You know... biscuits and gravy.

The lunch guy has the duty of making soup of the day... aka soup du jour. So here we go, 'fresh' butternut squash and cream soup. Cut in half, deseed, oil...


Puree with heavy cream, butter, nutmeg, cinnamon, spice, etc.

Other breakfast items you may encounter at Pole... egg and cheese bagels.

Eggs in a hole.

For lunch I've been practicing candy making. Here are Buckeyes, right out of the chocolate bin.


Veg. burgers.

The burger day line.


Today's lunch... chicken potpie and spinach/potato/tempeh potpie. For the vegetarians I make hearts...

For the chicken potpie I did a penguin in a pot and palm tree design on the puff pastry crust.

Rizzle is missin his girls. I hear ya dude, it's lonely down here.

Screw it mon, cook de best food n live life to da fullest. Kappuccino kix bars ;)