Who is Beef Wellington?

Start yesterday morning off with me dragging my bag of clean clothes into my bedroom as chef F whispered to me from down the hall that we have a teleconference with Chef JB in Denver in just a few minutes. Here we are waiting for prince Rizzle. All I needed to tell JB was that I love my job and this kitchen is wicked. It's fricken cold and dark, but life is good.

Egg rolls in the making for yesterdays oriental cuisine night... you know... egg rolls, crab rolls, fried rice, pork stir fry, tofu stir fry, sugar snap peas and coconut cream pie. Can't wait to do sushi.

Outside it's like -85 F, but I'm used to it.

The sun is getting dimmer..

And the snow dunes are growing.

This morning I was heading to the comp. lab to check out recipes for beef wellington and Chef F stopped me in the hall and goes, "You don't know how to make beef wellington do you?" I said, "No chef , all I know is it involves mushrooms and duck liver pate and puff wrapped tenderloin." He then tells me he will teach me. So here we are. I cleaned the tenderloin the night before and rubbed it with salt in pepper.

The next step is to put it on a piece of puff pastry, load the top of the beef with duxelle (and duck or goose liver pate if available), place a sheet of puff ontop, seal, eggwash, decorate, then bake.

Rizzle made an awesome rasberry chocolate fudge-like tart.

After Chef F showed me the wellington once I took off.

I made leaves on a vine but they called 'em hearts. What about spades I said?

Pumpkin pie.. one of my favs.

Grilled tuna steaks marinated in a pineapple-ginger-garlic sauce.

My version of potato au gratin. Next time I will make 2 two-hundred pans. The basics are... a rich white sauce (seasoned well with bay leaf and nutmeg), sliced potatoes (hydrated), shredded colby cheese, Ruffles potato chips, butter and garlic. Layer white sauce + minced garlic > tators > cheese > white sauce > tators > cheese > potato chips > butter and bake 400 deg F until chips brown and darken a bit. Let sit for 30 min. at 160 deg F and serve.

My first attempt at chocolate truffles coated with chopped walnuts. 'Belgian cocoa nutty truffles' Next time I will add coffee and baileys to the chocolate filling, then coat with hard white chocolate.

Roasted honey-mustard tempeh.

The potato au gratin.

The amazing beef wellington.

What the sky looked like an hour ago. There are a few stars and constellations floating around somewhere, but I haven't caught sight of them yet. The search continues...