LIfe's full of suprises

That darn dummy is still being moved around. Is this thing alive?

Then I go to the kitchen and find that Chef F did a little modeling in the galley. Who the heck are these dudes? What era are they from?

Dr. Greenthumb brings up the smallest tomato I've ever seen/held/ate.

Day before I made these nut bars and let them rest overnight before cutting. I ate half the platter.

Rizzle was doing pretzels for his first time eva.

Powerplantman's birthday today. He gets a birthday every couple weeks.

Towards the end of service I took a quick break to kick Michelangelos butt... Nintendo style.

After work party in the galley.

Sunday morning I awoke and went to the bandroom to produce my next song with the 909 Groove Box. While recording I heard something through the headphones. The intercom was beeping loud saying a fire has been reported in the power plant. Oh geeze. Ironically, a quarter of the community was in the galley pondering worst case scenerios last night and how to respond/survive... and now comes this alarm. I run to my room, dress in ECW and head to medical where we are told to muster in the LO.

In the LO we get a rundown of what happened. Nothing big, just a small amount of glycol got on a generator and the fumes set of the alarm. No injuries and no big damage so no worries.

We all got to hang for an hour or two.

Team 4 analyzed the folks who went into the hazardous area for any injury. Everyone was healthy.

Outside the auroras faintly dance away.

My best song yet.