Lake of Fire in -100.7 F

Vegetarian strudel packed with TVP, mushrooms, peppers, onions and olives.

The chicken breading line.

South Pole Fried Chicken. SPFC.

The strudel.

Gotta have fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy.

And salad.

And some kind of dinner roll.

Behold... it hit -100.7 F. For nearly 4 hours it hovered around -97.0 and -99.8 degrees. I was mopping the floor when it hit the -100 mark... and you know what that means Polies ;)

The sauna at 200 F.



Now this is nothing else except your glottis and here we are learning how to insert breathing tubes.

More xmas lights for the galley.

BBQ ribs dry rubbed and the BBQ sauce in the making. My secret is lots of brown sugar, thyme and bourbon.

London broil flank grilled, not broiled.

Quinoa mixed with raisins, onions, and roasted pumpkin.


Made this thing up too... Chef Pablo named it sweet cherry something.

Okay, things are getting weird.

BBQ ribs.

Cheese bread. My first time in getting a loaf to actually look somewhat like a proper loaf.

Chef F has a name for this type of bread... sexy bread.

Close to looking like the bread you'd find in bags at the store, but this tastes much better.

BBQ tofu. One of my favs.

Tonights din.

After work I played with the 909 Groove Box. It's like pandoras box.

The lake of fire.

First let me say a few things. 1.. my camera doesn't record loud audio very good... so there is some clipping. 2.. this is the first time I have played with this machine. 3.. I don't know what to rap about so I just said something. Practice will make perfect and I have more than 200 days to practice :)