Hello Night

There's still a little sunlight showing below the horizon, but for the most part 100s of new stars are popping up every hour and darkness is rolling in. Auroras, shooting stars and iridium flares frequently occur. Tomorrow I change from dinner to lunch shift. This is the winter transiton... and with it comes good food, like always. Fried Potato Croquette stuffed with three-cheeses, bell peppers, seasoned TVP and onions.

Mac n' Cheese the way I like it... extra cheese and potato chip crumbs on top.

Fresh roasted pumpkin and kumara seasoned with a bit of cinnamon and brown sugar.

Anzac cookies, first made by the wives of the Kiwis and Aussies who fought in WWI and relied upon this cookie for survival. The way it's made makes it lasts for many miles and days without going hard. One Australian told me yesterday that this is the one of the few things both New Zealand and Australian agree upon, a good cookie.

Jesus bread.


Teleconference setup.

Teleconference with some really important people about the future of U.S.'s role in Antarctica and current status of it's operations.