Goodbye Windows

Now that it's getting dark (and I saw my first star today) it's time to board up the windows to prevent any station light from interfering with the telescope operations.

Rizzle made his first pita bread today.

I made my first pecan and expresso roulade.

Speight's Beer Bread. Several people had their first taste of beer bread tonight and they loved it.

Honey tarragon chicken. This dish was my first prep in my culinary career back in like 2004.

TVP and cilantro stuffed roasted red onions.

Words don't describe so I'll just stop here.

Here are the covered windows. Each was designed by a person on station.

There's mine in the lounge. I wanted to do something that would match the feng shui of the chill South Pole Bistro Lounge. So, I drew a sun radiating into a sunset and a palm tree, at the base of the palm tree is a lone soul sitting quietly (probably me), the tree goes into an island which then becomes two eyes of Pele and is marked by red which signifies magma, love, blood, mother earth, etc. The transition from sky to waves is made with maori symbols, much like the ones tattooed on my arm. It is colourful, vibrant, paradise and a piece of me.

As for the rest I will let the images speak on their own.

Where will you go in November? I dunno, it's still April.