Full Moon

I am accustomed to referring to full moons based on the folklore names given by the indigenous tribes of the North. Now, in the South, each full moon needs a new name. This months moon is going to be called the 'Yukimarimo Moon' since we've had great conditions for the those little snow balls to forms. Rizzle n I have transitioned to breakfast and lunch, respectively.

Blueberry pie.

Deli day.

I was trying to reverse engineer Subway.

Full moon rising.

Carmelized onion tofu. This dish I first did for our Thanksgiving dinner at MacTown '09.

Depending on your computer screen resolution/brightness you be able to see the moon halos and auroras in some of the pics below. For best results turn your screen brightness all the way up. Goods news, with the moon comes more light. My lil' camera likes more light for nighttime photos. If we get some strong geomagnetic activity (auroras) with the moon in the sky I be able to get good shots of the green clouds.

Greenhouse man trimming his plantas.

Healthy body = clean mind = pure spirit. A good and healthy lifestyle down here takes discipline from within.