Chief Green Cloud's Lunch Box

Today was Friday, I switched from dinner to lunch, meaning I have to wake up at 5 instead of 10 AM. I still make time to rock out before work.

Mornin Rizzle.

Garlic bread sticks.

'Fresh' cookies. A joke of course.

Grilled cheese and

Tomato soup. Lunch is easy breezy.

Outside the auroras were banging today. Kp index of 5 I believe. From the horizon to the center to the sky green clouds danced. They now call me Chief Green Cloud. I spent at least a half hour watching them. Forget the camera, just suck it in. I did get a few shots though. The pics aren't as near as amazing as the real thing, but if lucky, and there's a Kp of 7 or higher (or the moon is up) there should be enough skylight for my camera to consume and produce better pics. Time will tell, until then just know they are awesome.