Surf and Turf

The three ingredients I use most are butter, flour, and sugar.

Mix butter and flour in own bowl, in a separate bowl mix warm milk (~105 F) and yeast, slowly add sugar to the liquid and let is stand for a few minutes. Then mix both bowls and you get some kind of dough. Depending on the flour-butter-yeast-milk ratios you get different textures, different doughs. Sugar and salt enhance taste. Here I was making crescent rolls, so I made a buttery, delicate puff pastry.

Roll it, cut it, then individually shape.

Deep fried mac n' cheese balls. After making these in various kitchen settings I finally landed the perfect recipe. Add the shredded mozo to the noodles, then add a seasoned fritter batter slowly to the noods and cheese... once it holds together quit with the liquid. Then roll the balls into a dry cajun flour batter.

By 'perfect' I mean that when you pull it apart the fritter batter remains rather stiff but the cheese strings apart, and on the outside the noodles remain visible, yet crispy.

BBQ Tofu in the making. Just cut the tofu, dip in egg-cream, then into flour. Fry on skillet in 1/4 inch oil for about 15 until every side is crispy. 5 minutes before the tofu is done add some onions and bell peppers, sautee until soft and slight browned. Finally, drain the oil, pour BBQ sauce on and serve asap.

Corn for side dish... onions and peppers for the BBQ tofu... real beef stock for gravy... and butter and milk in a large pot for mashed potatoes.

The crescent rolls.

The balls.

BBQ tofu.

Crab legs.


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