Sunset Dinnner

Three days before sunset the South Pole station community gathered in the galley for a feast.

The plate principal was turkey galantine, which is basically a turkey stuffed with various cured meats, like bacon. It is seared and slowly baked.

For the first few hours we banged out all sorts of fresh breads... lavash, french olive, croutons, etc.

I helped primarily with the vegetarian entrees, side dishes and appetizers.

A fully fledged 5-course dinner at South Pole, mad respect chef mon.

Raul playing with turnips for turnip puree with cream and brussels sprout ala martin.

Me cuttin onions for the carmel onion tart.

Almond tuile in the making.

Outside, a sun pillar has been visible for the last 12 hours.

The carmel onion tart puff pastry crust.

Olive bread. Baccala mantecato in the making. Whipped salted cod spread.

The crust for the mushroom vols-au-vent.

Almond tuiles. They taste just like an icecream sugar cone.

After 6 hours of production, and 6 more to go... we sat down for a half-time rewind.

The dining area being remodeled.

Turkey galantine.

Salmon pate.


Baked brie. Beneath the pastry is a round of brie covered with apple marmalade and honey.

Presentation is half the battle.

Carmel onion tarts.

Wine tasting. Rizzle is from the wine valleys of Cali.

The menu. Matt, our dishboy, made the coolest menu border.

Amazing pillar.

Cheese course... New Zealand kikorangi blue cheese, fresh greens, large crouton, pickled fresh pear, and a toasted cracker with goat cheese.

The cheese platter for cocktail hour at 530. Baked brie, goat cheese ball with pesto and sundried tomatoes, lavash, crackers, and dried fruits.

Roasted turkey galantine.

Appetizer table.

Dinner table.

Kumara souffle.

Dinner is accompanied by the sun.

Let's do this.


Locally grown fresh tomato anyone?

Inside the turkey galantine.

South Pole kir royal... blackberry puree and champagne.

At 630 they came.

Mel gave a quick speech and honored the three that passed away here years ago.

Bread and red wine for their spirits.


Bon appetit.

First course is on the table with breads and finger foods, second course is soup.

The demo plate principal. Carmel onion tart, green bean sachet, kumara souffle (more or less), and turkey galantine ontop a pool of fresh turkey gravy.

The vegetarian dish, same as above except it comes with the mushroom vols-au-vent.
Demo cheese course.
After party goodies.
Dessert: lemon tart, homemade pumpkin icecream and almond tuile.
That was unreal.
Now, here comes the darkness.

Bring it on.