The Onset of Twilight

The South Pole Telescope guru gave a talk yesterday at our town meeting saying that the windows will need to be boarded up in two weeks to remove ambient light that disturbs scientific equipment. Any lights outside will need to be converted to red light, a lower spectrum that doesn't interfere as much. The official sunset for us is March 23. This is extended compared to most real world observations primarily because we are at high altitude and our environmental/climate conditions give way to more reflection as experienced in places like the US Midwest. Come the end of April the sun will be 12 degrees below the horizon; darkness. This twilight should last a few weeks. Talk about the longest sunset ever :)

This song is called Evolution. It's been stuck in my head for about 5 days and over this weekend I've had the time to put it together. All day every day all I think about is food and music.