Winter begins...

March came in like a lamb, out like a bull.

Where's Waldo?

During the day we did TT4 training. Today's lesson was how to use oxygen tanks.

The sun is always shining where I tred. Strawberry jam stuffed crust peach dessert pizza. I was digging into my roots on this dish.. memories of kids birthday parties in Kentucky spent at Mr. Gatties eating apple dessert pizza from the pizza buffet line. So I took the idea and started from scratch with a rich butter pie dough to re-engineer that childhood taste. Here's the dough and a round of strawberry jam.

The rolled pizza crust, cinnamon, strudel topping (butter, flour, sugar), and a fresh peach marmalade.

After being baked.

After being topped with a creamy creamcheese icing and cinnamon.

Words don't describe.