It doesn't snow, just blows snow

I read somewhere that it only snows a couple inches at Pole. Yet the wind carries snow from all over and deposits it in the shadows of the buildings around station. Come the end of winter there will be 30 foot waves of snow, much like an ocean frozen in time. Yesterday we had a quick break in the windy weather... haha...

What's for dessert today? No se. Pero, un libro de mi Nannie tiene un recipe de 'country style peach cobler' and I coudn't resist.

Her recipes are rather easy to follow. They give me great ideas.

Frijoles negros.

Pollo con herbas espana.

Cebollas y pimientos rojos.

Un bean and spanish rice burrito with a bit of salsa. If you do it right, with the red salsa and yellow (tumeric) rice and purplish beans you can get a complete rainbow in your burrito since the colours bleed together. Not that I have time to play around with such a thing...

Peach cobbler. Thanks for the idea Marilyn.

Flank steak turned into carne asado. It was marinated in fresh garlic, oil, and oregano overnight.

The spanish line. Chicken and cheese quesadillas, rice and bean burritos, baked tator wedges, beef au jus, cream of something soup, brocolli and oh yeah, carne asado all the way to the right.

I took a peak outside...

When it's windy... the warm air that rests above the cold air at Pole gets pulled down... aka instability associated with an inversion. It's -44 with 25 knots. Hey, it's warm.

Can't see poo.

All machines will sport red lights as to not mess with the telescopes. Deadline for the windows to be boarded is April 5. I get to decorate one in the galley, right next to the lounge... I'm thinking palm trees. Someone already took the idea of UFOs shooting laser beams at penguins.

Our freezer.