Full Moon Delight

Tonight we got our first glimpse of a star... in the mist of a full moon. Fog and twilight radiate in the sky above. Inside we're boarding up windows and slowly adjusting to the nightlife. As always, great food.

Healthnut bars. Packed with good carbs and fruit.

Fresh chard from the greenhouse. Sautee together cabbage, red onions, garlic, garlic oil, and white wine. Add chard, destemmed, and some butter... sweat the leaves and serve. Amazing. Better than spinach.

Vegetarian potato shells stuffed with roasted tempeh, spinach, onions, peppers, black olives, sundried tomatoes and garlic. Topped with a simple vinaigrette and a bit of shredded colby cheese, baked again until cheese darkens. A few were made vegan, so omit the cheese and just serve.

Twice baked potatoes with a hint of red onion and white cheese.

BBQ chix

Blackened catfish. One of my new favourites.

Tomato soup, fresh chard and garlic, mozo cheese sticks, and veggie loaded tators.

Mushroom gravy, twice-baked full-loaded tators, BBQ grilled chicken and blackened catfish.

For dessert I made kahlua blondie brownies.