Earthquake Inquiries

Over the last couple weeks it appears that tectonic activity has risen. The three main questions I have are:

o Why are we witnessing more strong earthquakes all of a sudden?
o Does Earth have tectonic cycles?
o Is tectonic activity correlated with the solar/magnetosphere fluxes?

Maybe we will see a bunch of strong earthquakes in the near future. Maybe we will see earthquakes in places that rarely have them. Time will tell. I have been sitting around trying to figure out why this is happening and after weeks of watching seismic monitors it definitely looks like the plates are in motion. What that motion is I really can’t say. My gut feeling was that the Pacific plate was expanding thus causing stress on all the other plates. Why would the Pacific plate expand, well maybe sea-floor spreading is increasing due to changes in earth’s core or a rise in sea level is pushing down on the plate causing it to act different. I’ve always been pondering if the magnetosphere plays a role in the mantle processes, which in turn can cause earthquakes. I.e., a slip in gravity causes matter at the crust to get excited and move about.

Whatever the reason is, they are happening. Haiti, Chile, Taiwan, etc. The power of the Earth is immense and she shows no Mercy. Kali. It’s time we look back down to the Earth and give thanks for what we have. The stars are glorious, don’t get me wrong, heck I’ve been dreaming of being the first chef on Mars, but what is more important is what we walk and live on… the Earth’s blanket. Who cares about climate change when the Earth just split my kitchen floor in half by a 6 foot crack? Karma has its ways and maybe, just like in native prophecy, disrespect leads to human devastation. Natural population control. Those in Haiti have spent days in prayer. Whether in Christian or Voodoo a prayer is a prayer and it radiates our intention. Prayers are a start, but actions are needed.

Adaptation to the Earth is a continual process because Earth is constantly changing. In the past I’ve doodled up sketches of houses that can detach from land and become sea-faring abodes in case of disaster on land. Vice versa those vessels can become grounded on land. Mobile architecture is important for these coming ages. Why do we build stiff, stagnant houses on vibrant, flowing surfaces? A nomadic or backpacker lifestyle is more or less the most efficient and safest means of living.

With destruction comes recreation. I say we turn the demolished gray spaces in Haiti to off-grid green spaces. Companies and nations alike should help fund a green revolution in Haiti as a role model for the rest of the world. It actually wouldn’t be that hard… maybe install renewable energy production facilities in Haiti for the natives to work at with fair wages. Integrate portable architecture in renewable energy power networks; create organic farms and sustainable living. How cool would that be? One of the poorest nations in the world changed into a role model with the help of the world. I’m probably dreaming way too far outside the box.