Doughnuts and Thai Cuisine

Chocolate glazed doughnuts start off as a circle and a hole.

Doughnut holes are the best in my opinion.

Let em warm for 30 min. before frying.

I made some bagels too.

The chocolate glaze.

Fry time.

After the fry.

When they cool glaze the doughnuts.

French coffee cake. I don't know what's French about it, but it's a trendy adjective.

Breakfast is served.

Then lunch comes along, that's a whole other scenerio. I dug through my memory to bring back some of the words and lessons of Thailand. Khao.

Good job Chef.

This is spicy and I love it. Kim ji? I spelled it wrong.

Just another halo.

First time I've seen the moon this month.

I have words to the song, somewhere. When finished it will be called Evolutionary Chimpanzi.