Deep Clean

The most wonderful gift... a '$4000 tomato'.

"My favourite job in the world is cleaning ovens." - Chef

Watching the weather scroll on the television has become an exciting event for us, much like that of watching the TV horse racing stats at the tracks. Last night Rizzle goes... "I'll bet you 5 bucks the physioaltitude hits 1,000 feet by dinner." I reply, "Oh yeah, well, I'll bet you 10 we hit -110 F in grid 93 by dinner." Then Fran steps in, "Guys, guys, it's all in the wind." Yesterday we were around 10,300 feet... today it's 11,000 feet. You'd be amazed at how much your breathing and energy level changes with 700 feet. People get sluggish and cranky with sudden rises in physioaltitude.

Awakening the baby avocados.

The start of the Saturday morning deep clean. Even though the kitchen was pretty much shut down we still were able to push out some good bfast, lunch, and dinner.
Scrubing the leftovers from the summer season.
The three kings contemplating whether or not the fire suppression system is going to go off.
We stripped the kitchen naked.
And threw all it's guts on the ping pong and dining room tables. Did I mention we have the Most Southern, Highest Altitude, and Most Remote ping pong tournament, boxing team, pool tournament, etc. etc. In fact everything here is worthy of Guiness Book of World Records.
Not quite sure what he's doing to do the table.
Right when I was about to eat my '$4000 tomato' a distress call hits my walky talky. "This a practice ERT drill, a person is trapped beneath a snow machine near the big fish." Awesome, I get to take an hour off from scrubbing and save someone. I grabbed my ECW, then went to medical. Being the first person ready they gave me a back board and a warming blanket to carry to the crime scene. Fire fighters were by the DZ door awaiting further command from leads.
Shelbz was the mock victim, she had a broken left arm and rib. When I got there I took over the best buddy role, which means I have to hold her head (in case of spinal or neck injury) and direct the teams in getting her inside. We got her strapped down on the back board, then onto a sled... some guy threw a helment on me and then the snow machine took off. Shelbz and I digged the ride. Once at the bottom of DZ I yelled for the fire fighters to help carry her up to medical, which we did successfully. We were lucky the drill happened close to the staiton, in sunshine and in -70 F. There's always a double risk factor... the first being the injuries received by an accident, and the second being the cold. Within minutes you freeze.
After the drill we reassembled the kitchen.
Sparkling clean.
After she was put back together we sat down for a bite to eat. Rizzle looks at the kitchen and says, "Hate to admit this guys, but it doesn't look any different." Fran and I looked at each other, shook our heads.... is this kid fo real?

Lucky $2 from the bottom of some basement.