3 Days until Sunset

I strolled into work around 10 AM, a couple hours after awaking from interesting dreams portraying our life on the ice. There were several tasty treats in progress being constructed on the kitchen tables. Tomorrow is our Sunset Dinner. At Pole we collectively share three holidays: sunset (equinox), midwinter (solistice), sunrise (equinox).

For lunch we had good ol' grilled cheese and tomato soup.

For dinner I made steak (marinated in teriyaki for 24), country fried chicken, fully-loaded twice-baked potatoes, chicken gravy, beef au jus, leftover tomato soup with oyster crackers, green peas, cream of corn and a double decker carrot cake.

Happy bday Rhi.

The fully-loaded twice-baked potatoes prior to baking.

The two chefs in deep focus for sunset dinner. One peeling away the shells of semi-hard boiled eggs and the other watching butter melt. Priceless.

Mi carrot cake. Muy Rico.

Chef fillin his lemon custard tarts.

Dinner rolls for dinner.

The tators after baking.

Words of the wise elders... teriyaki is a superb steak marinade.

Gravy.. au jus.. tomato soup.

Cream of corn.

Just like peas and carrots, without the carrots.

Country fried chicken. Lather the gravy on it. Top with italian white cheese.

A very earthly coloured food display if you ask me.

Ping pong was rocking for a bit...

While I was grilling steak.

Veggie stock.


Heading back in from my walk with the sun dogs I had a gut feeling that there will be some crazy sun displays tonight. The weather is just right and the sun is in an unique position. But, tomorrow is a big day.. rest would be nice. Chefs have a saying, we'll get our sleep when we die.