Birthday Cakes for the Big Cousins

Chef's honey wine in the brew.

Burgers for lunch.

CPR for TT4 training.

Stand clear.

Bulgur with roasted red tomatoes, roasted garlic, fresh chard, onions and shallots.

Fire roasted game hen.

Two birthday cakes. One is a rich southern red velvet with a creamy white icing and the other a chocolate chip fudge cake with vanilla cappuccino icing.

Happy Birthday Couzes. What a great excuse to do two cakes instead of one, and if you look below they devoured them in one sitting. Most cake I've seen them eat yet. If anyone else wants to have a birthday cake, send me your favourite and I'll do it sometime in the next 8 months.

Outside flies the waning gibbous moon.

Inside flies a late night acoustic solo in a dead quit galley.