Big Boy ERT and Wee Tomatoes

I've been baking up a storm over the last couple days cause Polies love the carbs. New Orleans Beignets.

Blueberry filled blintzes.

Here's an example of the orders I get... a three cheese fat omlette with lamb, steak, bacon and ham, eggs sunny-side up, and eggs in the hole.

A couple days ago we practiced an ER drill outside with the biggest guy on station. We wanted to see if we could manage to maneuver him given the cold conditions and restraints it has on the ER equipment. The backboard has straps... but do you think velcro works in -60? So, we faced a few challenges and came up with several solutions. I suggested that we pack some thin heavy rope in the ER bags to have as a backup. You can string rope around the victim and through the holes to safely secure and move them. Duct tape is another option. Wilderness survival experience comes handy when the proper tools fail to operate in these extreme environmental conditions.

After the outside drill we practiced using the emergency lift chair. This chair is rock solid and with 4 people you can move anyone up and down stairs. Or, if really drunk, give us a call on the radio and we'll be your taxi.

Back in the kitchen. Looks like Dr. Greenthumb delivered a few goodies.

Chef Fran was baking up a storm this time. He made wicked doughnuts for lunch and the almond bread was unreal. Like I've said before, with tasty fresh breads being made every day I can pretty much live off bread and water at this joint.

More from Dr. Greenthumb... mung bean sprouts.

And an Asian melon. Fresh grown stuff from the greenhouse feels like our pets. We spend more time looking at and discussing the goods versus eating them. So precious.

Yesterday morning I was feelin some apple turnovers.

It's been cloudy for the last 5 days, but I think the sun is trying to make an appearance for it's grand finale next week. Less than a week until sunset.

We're doing some last minute food and bev. pulls.

Ahh ain't the bread so cute Chef.

Haha I sharpened all of these.

And with a minature razor-sharp paring knife I cut a wee tomato for a snack.

Cooking is a life-time pursuit and that book is endless. You can learn something new always about cooking. If you think you are the perfect Chef, try switching environments... i.e., fly 10,000 feet up and then try baking. Cooking is an art, a challenge, and requires creativity. Likewise, music. Last night I spent two hours on this one song and by the time I get to the end of finalizing it I didn't like it. The lyrics are amazing, but the beats are just wrong. Music production is teaching me patience. In one week I made three songs, all of which are okay, but if I spent a week on each song they'd be 10x better. Tonight I'll start over. Chef Rizzle told me the other day, "You're on the path of being a rockstar, when you get off the ice there will be limos and babes waiting for." Haha, that's a good dream, ain't going to happen, but I do want to rock out. I'm not in this game for the money... I just want to tell many stories through music and writing. Looking at the North from a very Southern icy perspective gives me tons of material. Simply living outside the box...