Birthday Cakes for the Big Cousins

Chef's honey wine in the brew.

Burgers for lunch.

CPR for TT4 training.

Stand clear.

Bulgur with roasted red tomatoes, roasted garlic, fresh chard, onions and shallots.

Fire roasted game hen.

Two birthday cakes. One is a rich southern red velvet with a creamy white icing and the other a chocolate chip fudge cake with vanilla cappuccino icing.

Happy Birthday Couzes. What a great excuse to do two cakes instead of one, and if you look below they devoured them in one sitting. Most cake I've seen them eat yet. If anyone else wants to have a birthday cake, send me your favourite and I'll do it sometime in the next 8 months.

Outside flies the waning gibbous moon.

Inside flies a late night acoustic solo in a dead quit galley.


Full Moon Solo

South Pole Evolution

This is a great site to learn about how the new South Pole station came to be.

Full Moon Delight

Tonight we got our first glimpse of a star... in the mist of a full moon. Fog and twilight radiate in the sky above. Inside we're boarding up windows and slowly adjusting to the nightlife. As always, great food.

Healthnut bars. Packed with good carbs and fruit.

Fresh chard from the greenhouse. Sautee together cabbage, red onions, garlic, garlic oil, and white wine. Add chard, destemmed, and some butter... sweat the leaves and serve. Amazing. Better than spinach.

Vegetarian potato shells stuffed with roasted tempeh, spinach, onions, peppers, black olives, sundried tomatoes and garlic. Topped with a simple vinaigrette and a bit of shredded colby cheese, baked again until cheese darkens. A few were made vegan, so omit the cheese and just serve.

Twice baked potatoes with a hint of red onion and white cheese.

BBQ chix

Blackened catfish. One of my new favourites.

Tomato soup, fresh chard and garlic, mozo cheese sticks, and veggie loaded tators.

Mushroom gravy, twice-baked full-loaded tators, BBQ grilled chicken and blackened catfish.

For dessert I made kahlua blondie brownies.


La Luna

I awoke to an entourage of Naan for Thai-Indian lunch.

I hit back with Italian pizza calzone rolls and zeemeataballs, garlic bread, green beans, veggie hot pockets, fresh salad, linguini, marinara and coffee cheesecake.

The full moon rising.

Check it out man.


Sticks and Kicks

After a hike to the wind turbine in -105 F, and an hour-and-half workout, I headed to the gym to set up the second boxing bag I retrieved yesterday via sled. An Indian Jones marathon was in the running and the theatre was set. Luckily, there was a big sound system of which I could tap into ;) All we had to do was move the chairs around a bit and we were set.

Popcorn anyone?

Two is better than one.

Today I went over the use of a Bo Staff... or any long stick for that matter.

Then into kicks. We liken to the simple front kick and invented a new rear kick... 'the horse kick'... the strongest yet.

Outside... that darkness in the middle of the pic below, rising horizontally is the Earth's shadow.

South Pole wind turbine. Even though it was -105 I remained really warm. In fact, when I returned to the station I was sweating. Hikes are nice even at -105. Free energy is the way to be.

You can barely see the purple band in the sky in this picture, but in real life it's like white ice... blue sky... a big purple line in the sky... then more blue. Chef says stars should be popping out soon.. can't wait. Then it'll be auroras and galaxies, if lucky a supernova.


In Search of Boxing Bag #2

The Window Blocker

The winds this morning were horrid. I originally planned to gather the boxing bag and equipment from the summer camp gym early on, but that was postponed til the weather lightened up a bit. Until then I completed my window blocker for window #3 in the galley, the one right above the couches in the lounge. What to do... what to do...

Begin with a sun.

Look at the craft room walls for inspiration.

Go outside, see the sights.

Visit the tiki hut bar.

Time & Energy = 8 hours worth.

While I was scribbling away many were watching the Indian Jones saga.

I couldn't resist seeing the clear sky after nearly a week of clouds.

A brilliant thought hit me while hoping around the dunes... next time bring snowshoes.