Trauma Team 4 Response Training

Every person on station is given a duty outside their payed job to act as an emergency responder in some way... you can be a fire fighter, supply person, medic, or first-on-scene responder. I am the backup lead medical response guy, which means when I get a call on the radio and don't here the lead responder within 30 sec. I must be on my way, quickly, to the scene. Yesterday, we journeyed to several buildings outside the station (~ 1 mile away) to examine their backboard, AED, and first aid kits. Biggest challenges for us are when an accident occurs outside, in winter, where it's complete darkness, colder than poo, and we're all wearing heavy ECW gear. The goal is to get the victims on sleds, no matter where they are, and safely haul them to the emergency room.

There's our station about a mile away. Beyond the mile marker... there ain't nothing except the Russian Vostok station, which is like 700 miles away.

The machinist shop.

I'll pass, but thanks for the offer.

IceCube balls.

Here you can see the station, and the IceCube strands of sensors hanging in the ice. The thing to the bottom right is a neutrino --> muon and it's associated blue light cone... originally moving faster that the speed of light, so yes it is possible... just not in a vaccum.

This morning there were some sun dogs on the horizon. Nice to to see the sun after 5 days of clouds.