They call me... Codytronic 2000

Aka purebred culinary machine. A note on kitchen safety...

Gibut = big guinea pig. One of my favorite meat dishes from Belize.

Cinnabread pudding and ranger raisin oatmeal.

Fried tator wedges.

Homemade granola.

From Thailand?

6 days ago when the last departure flights were being delayed I heard the summer folks in the galley whine and moan and cry over another flight delay announcement. I looked to Chef who was curious as to what the ruckus was about. Then in spite of pure instinct I rang the whiner bell for the first time of the winter season. No whinning allowed in the dining area. First it's the bell, then it's bread and water. But low and behold our bread is the finest and the water here is the purest in the world, no joke.

I took the trash out yesterday and saw a bunch of furniture scattered amongst the snow, interesting.

Later there was a mushroom spore copy/transplant lesson. If lucky, we will be able to grow our own portabellas and shitakes from the spore samples obtained from our freshie inventory. Sustainable cuisine at the Pole.

Towards the end of my shift I spent 2 hours locked up in a freezer organizing and tossing out junk.

All day every day.

Since we have so many bananas, which are rotting at a fast rate, I decided to make banana-nut muffins, strawberry banana and banana-vanilla-rum smoothies, banana pancakes, banana fruit salad, and I the other chefs have been pushing out tons of banana desserts. We need monkeys.

Rich choco-banana brownie with sweet toppings... courtesy of Chef Fran.

That's what all the furniture was for. Chefy tweaked the diner into a lounge/cafe/bar/dining area.

Every day is a holiday.


This mornings breakfast. Steak mon.

Homemade cinnamon rolls, 7-grain cereal, tator puffs...

5-cheese and sausage souflets. Did I spell that right?

We get to order seeds... all I want is habaneros, onions, tomatoes, and basil.

My breakfast menu... "Eggs of the South"


Looking outside the galley windows.

Giant telescopes and stuff.
Let's eat.