A Southern Kitchen Scene

2/25/2010 – Cody Lee Meyer – South Pole, Antarctica

A Southern Kitchen Scene

A mutation at 3 AM,
The ice chef comes to work
With a desire for coffee
And an inching of hunger;

Awaking from dreams,
Of last nights reality;

Walking a rhythm,
Of a song yet to be played.

He focuses upon a cookbook,
Not for recipes,
But for ideas,
For pictures of what should be cooked.

He checks the leftovers,
Not for items,
But for ideas,
For dishes to be engineered.

Lamb and steak;
Could be steak and eggs.

Eggs and heavy cream;
Could be South Pole Bistro crème brûlée.

Could be a taste untasted.

He scurries to find what’s needed
In hope of inventing
A new dish today.

The most southern dish,
The most remote dish,
The coldest dish on Earth,

Only found here.

With the use of machines
And ingenuity,
He pieces together a puzzle
Of something contemporary yet old.

Stemming from roots
Are recipes from tombs,
Lessons from the wise
Telling son it’s time to fry.

Deep fried macaroni and cheese
Is new to these streets.

It’s crispy and cheesy
Good enough to put one on their feet.

Last night’s mac-n-cheese
With bacon-n-more blue cheese,
Dipped in a rich southern fish fry batter,
Topped off at 360 degrees in the fryer,
Ends up being a ball of deep-fried cheesy goodness.

Goodness this chef is smart…
He knows this art.

Late is has become,
Time for another one.

Late afternoon arrives and
The next Chef walks in.
Hi and Goodbye Chef.
See you at dinner, at around 5.

What a day it has been,
Playing in the kitchen.