The South Pole Kitchen

Erick the Pirate, a chef I cooked with last year at MacTown, gave me a tour of the kitchen and our food stashes. All our veggies and starches are held outside on the porch. It was -42 F when taking this picture and the highest temp. they got here in the summer was -1.1 F, so thawing is very unlikely.

Here's the hotside... one tilt skillet, two ovens, 1 flat-top stove with broiler beneath, and a 10 gallon kettle.

The front side of the kitchen, primarily prep tables. Behind me is another flat-top and grill for eggline, pancakes, steak, etc. During winter we operate 'by order'. There's probably a techy chef term for that.

Right now there's a baker on station, but in a few days he leaves and we get to bake all the goodies.

The dish room.

Front door to kitchen world. The most southern, darkest, and remote kitchen on the planet. That's our fame to the culinary game.

Dry storage. There's several other dry storage rooms on the first floor and they are about 100 times bigger than this one.

In the front of the dining room is a bar with a few leftover fridges. Chef Francisco is gonna turn this into a coffee lounge area.

The rest of the dining facility. You can get everything from boxes of cookies to bags of chips to fresh ground coffee here to 24/7 fresh cookies. It's awesome. There are a few televisions hanging, but South Pole has no television network availability. All they show are when flights are coming, how many people are on them, and how cold it is outside. I haven't seen it rise above -30 yet and this morning it was -62 with wind chill.

The three kings doing paperwork and menu planning.

If you need to blast chill something just throw it outside. No skuas.

Mexican day. Pirate was making enchilidas verdes.

The line.

Crepes being made for this morning.

Yummy. Berry fougasse... but I call it foo foo gassy.



Lentil loaf.

Fresh salad. I put goat cheese, olives, celery, and sprouts in it.

Greek pasta salad.

Foo foo gassy again.

Lamb for tomorrow. Yeah, I'm not vegetarian anymore. I will eat turkey, lamb, beef, fish, duck, and little chicken. The only thing I won't eat it is pork, trying to be Jewish ;) jk.