The Skua Guru

After breakfast I stuck around for lunch... fish and chips.

Altitude screws with everything down here... the boiling point of water is 20 degrees less, baking times vary, things dry out in minutes, literally, minutes. The little cut I got my knuckle will heal in about 9 months. Skin cracks. Lips chap. Gotta drink at least a gallon of water each day. Running up and down steps it like climbing a mountain.
Coleslaw and Thai Noodle Salad.
Cheesy muffins. Fresh bagels from now on. We are going to work as best as we can from the ground floor to the top penthouse. Everything will be from scratch and taste 100x better.

Country style cheesecake.

Once full I decided to expel some energy and go dig through the skua shop at the outside summer camp, which is being shutdown. Skua = free junk store.

I love Skuaing.

Homemade banana pudding.

My early morning cold side.

I've been asked to bring a little feng shui into the dining area. I tore some tapestries off the walls in my room and relocated them to the South Pole Bistro Lounge.

One of the girls here gave me the coloured lights, and I found the ones in the back in Skua. Last night I found two more strands :) There's a goldmine of fake plants in the Arts & Crafts room. I like ambience in the kitchens I live and work at. A positive, chill vibe makes the food and wine experience so much more groovy. Maybe later on, if the station wants it, I can play a little acoustic in the corner. In a month we are going to board up all the windows, so the chill lights will be really necessary then, trust me.

Before heading out of work I grabed a plate to eat.. Raul was having way too much cuttin fresh stuff. He suggests we take pictures of all the freshies and hang it on the wall for midwinter.

Now time to go sit, stare out at window at white emptiness and eat this.