Prophetic Poetry


2/22/2010 - Preface to the Autumn Equinox, South Pole, Antarctica

There’s a fine line between this and that,
In fact, there is no line.
Intense introspection of intention
Leads one to realization and understanding
That this life is nothing more… than life.

Striving to survive
Endlessly amongst ages
Proves righteous because it is right.
They are wrong; we think we have sight,
But, really, we are all nearly blind.

Time and time again we conquer
Only to destroy,
The finest of elements;
Humankind, nature, and joy.

When does it stop?
Where do we go?
Why are we are?
Who am I?

I am what I a yearn to be…
A poor man and a king,
A grain of dirt and a god,
A living cosmic soul, nothing more, and nothing less.

Time and time again I must say
We are nothing but flesh and blood,
A nation of one,
A kingdom under the sun…

Telling a tale of the universe
Amongst the cursed,
Worshiping and awaiting the birth,
Of a son, once again.

Resurrection and repenting
Carry no avail
For what is to arrive…
Cosmic eyes, kin of kin, they… again.

Stars of the night sky,
Children of the past,
Children of the future,
Us in the now.

How proud we stand.
Unknowingly found.
Our bodies nothing more than dirt,
Our spirits beyond the state of blood,
Whilst our completion being solely the universe that stands…
Alive and in motion,
Flowing in potions and spells,
From heaven to hell
To black and white
To matter to dark matter
To pro- and anti-
To this… a spasmodic state of One.

Big bang.

Let me say that
Is a new day,
And now I ride…
Forever, into new life.

Striving to survive,
Open eyed,
I can only freeze at the descending horizon.
Goodbye sun.
Hello stars.

Pura Vida, CLM


I wanted to give a sense of what autumn in Antarctica is. At first glance, the mind picks up concepts regarding the afterlife, a second Christ, 'aliens', conquest, simplicity and the big bang. Quite surreal referrals, don't get me wrong. Behind the imagery is the idea of simplicity. Life is life. No better way to describe such than using biblical terms with contemporary New Age philosophies. Each day on the Ice is a process of simple living. We yearn for food, warmth, and shelter. We dream about what's out there, that's natural. In a few weeks the sun sets and we will be blessed with a glorious night sky that will last for months. I've been told the human body becomes zombie-like during the darkness, hence the connotation of morbidity. Yet, at the same time as I mingle with the IceCube scientist they discuss the very basics of life... muons. We are all made of up the same cosmic matter/anti-matter originating from the big bang. Safe to say, we are children of the universe, call it God if you wish. I can only imagine the trascending effect the night sky will have on the human psyche come mid-winter. When we look up at the stars, we truly are looking in at the awe and miracle of Life.