My First Taste of a Boomerang

I'll keep this long story short... a boomerang is when you take off to a destination and reach the destination, but cannot land due to inclement weather on the ground. This morning at 6 AM I boarded the shuttle that takes pax to the Pegasus airfield (a 1.5 hour ride). Towards the end of our shuttle trip we saw an emperor and with an hour to kill at the airfield we decided to hang out with the emperor drifter. First emperor I've seen.

It was about 3 feet tall and really fat.

Then we hoped on the C-130.

5 Polie pax and 6 crew members.

Ganstas from MacTown.

2 hours later I saw Chef Francis taken some pics, must be something out there I thought. Sure enough it was mountains after mountains covered by mile wide glaciers and icefields. It reminded me a bit of Alaska, but this is huge. 70% of the world's freshwater is right here.

Hey there's mi guitara.

The brown lines is rock erosion. Just ponder for a moment how slow these glaciers move and how slowly they eat away at the mountain peaks. A river of ice.

After all those pics I decided to pass out with the rest of the gang. I awoke two hours later and realized I had gone through half my albums on MP3 player. Wait a minute... they told me this flight was 3 hours long, so far it's been 5, maybe they're wrong? Oh well, I just went back to bed.

But, I did notice it was cloudy....

We landed 8 hours later. I was all excited and got dressed for the really cold South Pole weather. Francis gave me a smirk... what's that about? The cargo door dropped and Raul and I looked out... dude, this ain't too cold. Wait dude, this looks like Pegasus, the place we took off from 8 hour ago. Chef, what happened? "Well, while you were asleep the captain told us we had to boomerang because the Pole weather turned bad." Butthead, could have told me that earlier haha.

Tired and sad we waddled back into the shuttle where we started. We're stuck at McMurdo until the weather clears, which looks like will happen in about 48 hours... fingers and toes and eyes crossed.