Mega Omlettes and Lamb Quiche

A couple times a week I'm making fresh bagels, which normally turn into bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches for breakfast.

Raul wonders in around 10 PM to prep for dinner.

Outside it's white. We're going through a heat wave as I speak. It was -21 F not too long ago, that's the warmest anyone has seen for this time of year. Later I'm going to grab my lounge chair, umbrella, and have a siesta.

I've finished prettying up the lounge. One guy said I'm in the wrong business and should be an interior design decorator... the other saying I'm like a housewife :$ Oh geeze.

But, I'm a chef guys... c'mon. Egg washin the quiche crusts.

Quiche table.

Here's all the fillings... olives, roasted bell peps, roasted onions and portabellas, lamb, and three cheeses.

Here they are with the egg-cream mix poured on topped with brie and mozo cheese.

Slow cooked and lighting browned.

Then I made some dougnuts.


And banana cream filled. Although darker than your average Dunkin doughnut these badboys had a flavor that reminded of festival sweets (i.e., elephant ears). Delish.

This one guy always asks for a giant omlette with everything on it... that's my fav. order.

The Chefs chillin at lunch. Happy Birthday Raul... oh wait.... Happy Birthday Francis... that ain't right... Happy Birthday Anthony. Who the heck is Anthony? We don't know, but we made a birthday cake for him.