In Search of a Heavy Bag

Start the morning off with some bagel making classes and a couple shots of expresso from the Hunting Bear Club.

Lunch was simple and good. Chef Fran, Raul, and I sat at the table... Chef looked around at our plates and goes, "Look, we have 4 different types of homemade breads in 4 different ways." Raul replies, "This isn't your average bistro Chef." Haha.

After work I decided to go mining for a heavy punching bag. Boxing classes will start up next week. No contact, just cardio, training and fun.

It felt like a ghost town.

Inside the Jamesways art was scattered amongst the walls. There's something about being here that inspires many to spread their artistic wings.

It was haunting walking through the hallways, dead quiet, with little light and eerie drawings.

Then I got lost and found myself in the 'Ice Palace', aka the bathroom facility. Oddly, there was a heavy bag behind one of the water tanks.

Next store to the Ice Palace was a gym, with another heavy bag chillin in the corner. Tonight I'm going to go volunteer to help clean up the Jamesways and I'll hopefully get this one hung up. The guys who have been here in the past tell me the outside gym is a great get-a-way from the station. Towards the end of winter I heard it's rough staring at the same boarded up windows and the same faces, the best thing to do is get out and about.

A cool climbing wall.

Then I meandered through a few more rooms.

Random find. 1979.

Too cold to use now.

Next step for me was to transport the bag from the camp to the main station.

Made it.

To be continued...