Breakfast Dude Chef for Next 6 Weeks

More foo foo gassy. And I ain't the only making up names for food. A few hours ago Chef Will said he makes stuff from french cookbooks, but can't speak french, so he just tweaks the fancy names into some mumbo jumbo slang name, just like I do ;0 Anyways, I'm on breakfast duty for the next month in half. I will be the only person on station awake from 3 to 6 AM pretty much, awesome.

Seafood paella

Mushroom tart

Scallops. We got the big ones at Pole, oh ya.

Lamb I am.

With mint jelly.

My shrimp n olive cheezy pasta cold salad.

Autumn apple salad.


Yummy cheezy breakfast bread. If you have noticed... I love cheese.

Crumble coffee cake. I like sugar too, so I put about an inch and half of crumbs ontop the cake.

Apply and rum pancakes and boysenberry syrup. I'm already having too much fun with breakfast. Eh dad we needa open up a breakfast joint one day.

Many year frozen lox. I tried to cut it pretty, but it was mush. As a last resort I just threw a bunch of other things on it.

Bacon and hash browns.

Strawberry yogurt. With the leftovers I've been making fruit smoothies. Today was a mixed berry smoothie, and tomorrow will be strawberry banana.

Green eggs and ham. Use pesto for the greenery.

My breakfast plate.

Then the lunch fools come in to play with zeemeetaballs.