Adios Iceberg

Source: http://news.mongabay.com/2010/0226-iceberg.html

The South Pole troposphere temp. is getting colder due to ozone depletion effects on cooling of the stratosphere. But, the oceans North of the coastlines are getting warmer, thus a temp. gradient is increasing, as are the consistency and speed of the westerlies. It is expected that the ozone hole should heal since we aren't pumping as many chemicals (i.e., freons (CFCs) and halons) into the air, and if it does heal then it is predicted that the South Pole temp. will rise 3 deg C by 2100. We honestly don't know much about Antarctica and in the last few years climate/ocean change studies have increased, and I bet in the near future this field of research escalates. Ice core samples show us the fluctuations between hot and cold periods, but they don't provide a record of anthropogenic alterations to the atmosphere as we are currently witnessing. They do show us that interglacial events naturally occur. The great flood? If this icy wonderland warms up... lots of fresh water ice will be pumped into the oceans altering the great oceanic conveyour belt. Feedback mechanims show no mercy.