The Whales

I've been watching these fellows over the last few days. Some say they're Orcas, others say Minke. Where are the marine biologists at? Which are they?

A trendy green logo on one of our products. At first we thought it must be New Zealand, then we found out is was from Cali.

500 roasted tomato potato croquettes stuffed with swiss cheese, tvp, kumara, corn and wheat barley. Eggs and bread crumbs keep it all together. Good stuff. I made a creamy garlic-cilantro sauce to go with it. Since our fat for frying is now animal lard I can't use it for the vegetarian/vegan dishes. We're going through an 'oil crisis'. It don't phase me, just roll it in bread crumbs and bake it.

I also made some glazed pork with rosemary today. Didn't eat it, but looked good. After 5 minutes in the sham at 160 degrees the meat turns white, so no worries.