Yesterday was Icestock, the outdoor jam festival at McMurdo pushin the New Years to a great start. Well, yesterday it was sunny as can be at 50 degrees. So nice. I was in the kitchen most of the time, but was spared 3o min. to get some sun. This morning I awoke for the Scott Hut 10K Run. I dressed in my shorts and t-shirt, hoping it would be warm and sunny, yeah right. It was more like -10 F, 30 mph winds, cloudy. 3 layers just to run.

A couple weeks ago it was 1 mile of uphill hell with the steep Ob Hill Run, this week it's 6 miles of freezing my-ass-off. Can't for the 'damn-I-wish-this-was-over' full 20+ mile marathon in a couple weeks. Pray for good weather.

35 min. for 6 mile.

After the race I run to work. First thing I start banging out is the Great Alaskan Smoked Salmon Chowder. One grantee asked me all about where our salmon was from. Most frozen salmon is from fish farms in Chile, but a few smoked salmon filets are from Alaska, maybe Russia, the packages vary. We then talked a bunch about how introducing fish into alien streams messes up the watershed nutrient balances and posses an overall threat to the ecosystem. If fish farming, keep contained. If fishing wild, fish sustainably.

The boss brings out sushi. Wow, never seen that down here before, somebody heard my prayers. I had to help the AM with the wasabi, theirs wasn't hot enough.

Sushi is for another day. Actually, these food posts are all out of synch, so I'll just say what they are and ignore time. Greek chicken with feta, olives, cucumber, and a hint of Italian dressing.

Bean and rice burritos... on request.

A vegetable quiche.

Yeah, someone is having too much fun here.

Szechuan tofu and veggies.

Sweet teriyaki glazed salmon.

Chunky chicken noodle soup.

Egg rolls.

Sweet n' sour chicken.

So good.

Even better.



Roasted red pepper and wild mushroom frittata.

I love cheese.

Sushi was thawed out and served then. I personally think it needed to be put in the steamer or hot water bath to fluff the rice a bit.

McMurdo's Weight Gain Program.

What I ate after the race... eggs, rasberry yogurt, sushi, sticky bun, etc...

For the upside vegetable cake... throw down some wheat germ and pour lots of melted butter ontop.

This is the 3rd step... add cheese to the veggies. I used shredded swiss.

This is the second step, put roasted and seasoned veggies on the wheat germ/butter.

Top it all with the cake batter... I seasoned it well with thyme, parsley, basil, garlic and sugar.

Contemporary art. People ask why I am always taking pictures of food and the kitchen. I tell them food is art, we are the artists and the kitchen is our playground, so why not capture the play?

The upside down vegetable cake. I put so much love into it and it came out 10 times better than I had expected.







More calories.

Okay, I'm full.

The interior of the upside down vegetable cake.

Before I left I shammed a bunch of brisket.