Parties and Gado Gado

We got new ovens in for the bakery. The timer sounds like a fire alarm when it goes off, but at least you can see what's baking. Mmmmm.

Eggplant lasagna.

Chicken florentine casserole.


Pasta with marinara.

Bread is good.

After work yesterday there was a party in the waste barn. It was bloody cold outside.



A beaker from Montana. For the last hour I chatted with this gal about microbial lifeforms in the dry valley lake beds. How cool is that?

In our lounge there was a sculpture.

Next morning I head to work all peachy and ready to rock out tofu gado gado.

And salmon with mango salsa.

I made extra salsa just we can nibble on it tomorrow.

Here's the tofu gado gado... rice noodles, a fine peanut-garlic-ginger sauce, onions, salted cashews, fried onion rings, cilantro, fried tofu, carrots, cucumber, celery and sliced jalapenos.
I just got back from a musical about the death of the Heat Trace Project. Some folks have been out in the field digging rocks in the crazy wintery weather all season long and installing heat wires in the pipes to make sure the water and waste don't freeze. Well, it's over, and they sung all about the ups and downs of the project.